Our services

Tax, commercial and accountancy advice at AyL

Taxation. We offer our customers peace of mind in a complex and ever-changing field requiring specialist and careful planning.

Commercial matters. We seek alternative solutions to conflict by offering different negotiating formulas and draw up restructuring plans to support companies when adapting to change.

Accountancy. We help clients to use accountancy information as a decision-making and business management tool.

Areas of expertise

  • Commercial, tax and accountancy advice for businesses.
  • Corporation and group-wide tax planning.
  • Restructuring business groups. Mergers and divisions.
  • Taxation for groups and corporations. Consolidation.
  • Advice to non profit-making organisations.
  • Setting up of and advice to foundations and associations.
  • Advice and planning of international investments with the help of law firms we work alongside in other countries.
  • Advice on tax benefits for entrepreneurship, patent box, investment and reinvestment process, R+D+I and others.
  • VAT specialist advice. VAT groups, pro rata arrangements.
  • Local Spanish taxes (IAE, ICIO, IIVTNU) and fees.
  • Assistance during tax inspections and legal challenges.
  • Writing of expert reports on taxation and accountancy issues.
  • Drawing up of reports and other work as chartered accountants.
  • Legal and tax advise to individuals. Advice to medium and high net worth individuals.
  • Wills and inheritance.
  • The Basque provincial tax system.
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